Thursday, 18 October 2012

The eye

The eye
It took a couple of months before we could identify the creature from the eye, its now the year 2013.
How lonely I feel in my laboratory, but thats another story, and this story is about the creature.

Day 1: as we finally identify the creature’s eye, a creature pops up, but it is too big to fit on the screen, so we set off to NASA for their big computer. Once we plug the data file in we see the creature has a huge stone colored body with two big eyes, we zoom in to the body, identifying the inside of it. We see it has a number of five hearts colored deep green. While all the other NASA and my scientists are looking at the hearts, I push the “play” button and it shows that when the heart beats it changes color, so does its eyes and body, now it has a blue heart, red skin, and rainbow eyes. I marvel in this discovery, but things took a turn for the worst, everyone started to hunt these endangered creatures with electro hook, the best thing to kill a fish with a shock!

Day 2: Everyone was asking where to find these creatures, so I had to change my email address, phone, facebook, and twitter! I was stressed even after no more calls. I was literally tearing my hair out because of where to find them and put them in their own safe habitat.
Then someone knocked on the door.
I stepped up opened the door, and it was one of my fellow scientists.
He started saying “Boss Boss!” holding a piece of paper.
I yawned and said “what?”
He said “We found where to find the creature!”
“WHERE?” I shouted. My eyes open wide even with sleep in them.
“In” he said then whispered “Underground in caves using their tails to dig dirt.”
“Well we are going to set off!” I said.

Day 3: we were in my secret sub-plane invention, and we had found a burrow at last, we were inside it. it was a little dusty and dark in the entrance but in the deepest part of the cave it was not dark at all, there was an island with a giant tree on top of it, and it had glowing roots! We were shocked that so much minerals, even jewels were inside this cave.

Day 4. now things were just fine, we realised we don't need to get the creatures a habitat, because they already have there own place of choice.

The ocean.
A note from the scientist: No one but us found the creatures in the end, and I got to name it. I called it the colourful genius.
And no colourful geniuses were harmed in the end, but we got an example of the root, we made it into a lamp.

The End.


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