Monday, 25 November 2013

Triathlon Reflection

Reflection for the triathlon
Something I was pleased with was how I passed Ashley right at the last second.
because after that I felt really really proud.
I really enjoyed learning how if I put my mind to it, I can do it!
that was really awesome, because, I did not know I could do that!

Something I found hard was not being scared.

Because I was really nervous.
Something I want to get better at is not being scared.
(What can I do about it?)

Thursday, 7 November 2013

The werewolf monkey

The Werewolf-monkey

A Werewolf-monkey is a TERRIFYING creature. This particular creature lurks in the night with the full moon out. If you come across this creature, RUN LIKE THE WIND! Just run. Don’t make too much noise, keep reading to find out why. This mammal is the most dangerous of rare animals because It can transform into a cute monkey. (Nek Minute) The cute little monkey is your worst nightmare! (Scary Music)
We are going right into the lives of: The werewolf monkey.
The werewolf monkey, with David Attenborough.
The werewolf monkey feeds on rotten bananas, unlike its normal monkey brother.
If a werewolf monkey eats a very ripe banana, it has a 50-50 % chance of being returned to normal.

On a full moon, this creature will grow more fur, claws, and will become much MUCH stronger. So BEWARE!
There are only a few left in the world. This is good because this is the most dangerous creature in the world!
The Werewolf-monkey has altered senses. He can smell from 20,00km away. He can hear you snore at night. (If you do snore)
He can see like he’s using binoculars! His fur can feel the change in the wind. He can feel you breath. So basically, he can hunt you down like a fish and a cat swimming together.

                  oh no, that poor fishy!


(Made by zeb and teva)

My mathletics art (And reflection)


It looks like a skate-park!



Hi, this is my mathletics art, I hope you liked it!
Reflection for Mathletics
Something I was pleased with was doing it on the computer
because I was really good at it!
I really enjoyed learning How to find the center of my page
because then I could make it SUPER-symmetrical.

Something I found hard was drawing the RIGHT line to the RIGHT endpoint.

because there are millions of endpoints!

Thanks for watching! :D

Monday, 4 November 2013

Race a speedboat

Race a Speedboat
Can you make a paper boat race across the water just by gently touching the surface of the water?
Hypothesis (What I think will happen)
I think that there will be a Dramatic change in the water, because of the washing liquid.
Like this:

Coloured card, washing up liquid, pencil or sharpie, scissors, large container of water.

Method (What we did)
We gently put our boats on the water, and tapped the water with washing liquid on our finger.

Observation (What happened)
Exactly what I predicted.

Conclusion (Why I think it happened)
The washing liquid must of broken the surface tension, causing the boat to go ZOOM

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Teva's report.

My year so far in Room 16 by Teva!

My favourite thing about being in Room 16 in 2013 was having my own blog, my own computer, and awesome learning tools.

Something I would like to do in term four is safe cycling.

Something I would like to do next year is to be in havelock (Which i am, even though i am out of zone!) and be in one of those Digi classes!

My dream jobs would be: Author, scientist, game designer, coder (Like my Uncle Andrew) OR IF ALL ELSE FAILS: Digital guide/digital teacher


The best thing about reading so far this year is actively learning.

The best thing I read this year was Kensuke's kingdom. I loved it because it was (Probably) a true story!

This is my favourite reading blog post that I created. I chose it because I really liked summarizing it so far.


The best thing about maths so far this year is mathletics.

I was most proud of learning  (LINK). I was proud because...

This is my favourite maths blog post that I created. I chose it because i really liked making the bar graph.

I am really good at working out problems.
I want to get better at working out problems more efficiently.


The best thing about writing so far this year is mostly all of it!

I was most proud of learning about bitstrips, for presenting my writing. I was proud because it was so cool.

This is my favourite writing blog post, that I created. I chose it because it got so many comments and views!

Theese is my favourite writing posts from someone else. I think it is awesome because most of us just made a picture of a superhero, While inderpreet made a whole story!
(Awesome name too)

I am really good at Writing on the computer
I want to get better at hand writing

Integrated Topic

My favourite part of topic has been Mahatma Gandhi, I enjoyed it because i was the main character in the movie!

This is my favourite topic blog post that I created. I chose it because...

This is my favourite topic post from someone else.I think it is awesome because she ACTUALY had it on her hands

School Involvement

Digi Leader, Mathletics, Minecraft Club
How I Have Shown PRIDE

Personal  Best: Doing my best to make my writing a whole body, not just a skeleton.
Respect and Responsibility: I helped my friends in computer, and digital stuff.
Integrity: I Didn’t go onto sites I wasn’t allowed to.
Determination: I kept on doing my work until it was done.
Enjoyment: I HAD FUN!


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