Tuesday, 30 July 2013

"Its A Dead Mouse"

“Its a dead mouse,” said the cat.
“No, Its a dog biscuit,” said the dog.

The dog nudges it over, “see, A mouse has a tail!” said the dog.
“But the tail is covered by the grass!” said the cat.

The cat picks it up “this mouse has no eyes!” Said the cat.
“I told you it was a dog biscuit,” said the dog.

“but it has a tail!” Said the cat.
“What?” Said the dog.

“Here Look” Says the cat
The cat lifts it up for the dog to see.
“What is it?”
Teva comes out of the house.

“Oh, there’s my computer mouse!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Earth Quake

WOAH! the classroom jolted straightforward.
I got scared.
We then rushed outside on to the courts because the bell was on fire alarm.

We all sat down,then I started to worry about my mum, is she okay?
Some teachers announced they did a mistake, instead of coming outside, we just have to duck, roll and cover.

We slowly walked back inside and went on to an earthquake website.
A lot of people in Hawkes Bay felt that earthquake!

That was exciting.

Name Art

This is my name art for my tote tray
I hope you liked it!


Maths Showme

Square Pyramid

This is mine and Zach’s 3D shape. It has 5 faces, It also has 5 vertices and 7 Edges. We hope you like our work we have done!

Camp day 3

We tore open the clue and thrust our eyes into it.
We ran to the location printed on the clue.

I tip toed across the wire bridge and got to the other side, so did my team.

We ran to Mr Moriarty and got the reply....
“You are The first team to arrive”

We yelled in joy and span around rejoicing.

We carried some buckets back for Mr Moriarty.

Once we got back we just waited for the other teams to finish.

Friday, 12 July 2013

MorePork Report

The MorePork.

MorePorks are Owls.
They eat worms and maggots
They have a very funny call that sounds like “More Pork!” So people have made this joke: More Bacon!

Threats: Stoats Ferrets and cats

Stoats Ferrets and cats danger all new Zealand native Birds Including More Porks.

Where they can live:

Moreporks can live among Rocks and roots, and they can live in tree branches.


The female can lay up to three eggs, but generally two, usually between September and November


MorePorks are cool birds, also thought to be spirit birds, So next time you see one, Observe and see what the bird will do!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Camp Reflection.

Reflection for Camp

My goal for camp was to man up and try things.

I achieved this because of made dad helping me.

Something I was pleased with was Having such a fun time
because it made me happy.
I really enjoyed learning the animal game
because the animal game is awesome.
Something I found hard was trying not to cry when getting hit my tonnes of dodgeballs.

Something that made me think was when i was getting called in the animal game
because its quite fast-paced.
· My top 5 favourite things about camp were:

Favourite Things
Reason Why
it’s so fun!
2.Amazing race.
It was challenging
It would look awesome in slow motion.
4.Confidence course
made me confident.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Lightning Trick (Part 1)

As the lightning struck I hid under my pillow.
What was happening?
I heard another boom of thunder.
I put my pillow over my ears and slowly went to sleep...

As I slowly opened my eyes I saw that I was still in my tent...
I unzipped my tent then saw the flashes of blue and red lightning zap down the huge mountain...
I quickly comando rolled back into my tent and zipped it up tight.
I looked out the window and saw this huge rainbow beam come out of the mountain.
Everything went black.

I woke up slowly, I saw that my tent was still intact, and I was still alive.
What had happened?
I unzipped my tent.
Of course.
NOTHING had happened.

Nope, I was wrong.
A stick was stuck in the ground right next to my tent, a stick.
What the heck happened?
Well I do like sticks, so I’ll keep this.
2 hours later (That's what it felt like) we were walking towards this old shack.
I decided to go into the forest and play
I decided to use the stick like a gun.
“PEW PEW PEW! take that trees!”
At that very instant I saw one of the tree's branches turn into a gun.

My heart almost skipped a beat.
“Uuuuuuh” I said, trembling with fear.
“Levitate?” I said as I lifted my stick up, and the gun lifted up too!
“I am loving this already.” I said.
“CHOCOLATE TREE!” I said as I turned stuff into chocolate

5 minutes later.
“Teva time to go!” I heard my mum shout
“JUST A MINUTE!” I shouted, then thought quick.
“Uhhh Undo?” I said as everything went back to normal.
“YEAH!” I said as I commando rolled away with the stick in my backpack.

We Stopped for a lunch break, I sneaked off into the forest with my lunch box and turned my food into chocolate.
“Good boy for eating that lettuce and tomato mayonnaise sandwich, Teva!” My mum said
“I was hungry?” I said

I walked along kicking some regular sticks around.
We were almost home, and something told me using that stick at home would be a bit more fun.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Going to the Mahia

“Come on Teva we’re going!”
It's Friday and I’m going on my dad’s holiday with him.
We’re going to Mahia on the edge of Hawkes Bay
I feel nervous about the trip.
My mum starts the car and as we pass the school I wave goodbye.

After about... 25 Minutes we stop at a gas station.
There’s my cousin! I wave to him and he waves back.
We follow our cousin’s car and then I hop in my cousin’s car
We chat and chat until we got bored.
My cousin started to feel sick a little.

We stopped at a restaurant and had some hot chips and mini-pies.
After that we kept going on our trip to Mahia, but on the way we got a text from my dad saying he’ll be late to Mahia.

Later we got to Mahia, and the house was AMAZING!
Bunk Beds, 2 Couches, 2 Stories, 2 Coffee Tables, 2 Showers, 2 bathrooms, 2 Every Thing!

Stay Tuned For Part Two!


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