Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hatchet summarization

  • Once upon a time there was a man named Brian.
  • His parents were divorced, and he went to see each parent in a different season.
  • He got on a bush plane, and flew off into the woods. (Neoow)

  • The pilot felt really sick (Blugh Sound)
  • He had a heart attack, he died (Sad face)

  • Brian felt scared, he tried to contact the control tower, Lost signal (Static sound, wrong number! )
  • Brian flew the plane into a lake (Splash!)

  • And then he smashed out of the plane, and got onto land.
  • He got bit by some bugs (Gahh!)

  • Got really thirsty (Sip)
  • Thought of yummy food (Mmmmm)

  • And then remembered about his parent’s divorce.
  • Then thought of cherries.
  • Then thought of his friends.

  • Then he made some shelter.
  • And then was really, really Starving! (Belly rumble)

  • Then he had a sleep (Snore)
  • What will happen next?

Friday, 9 August 2013

A wee dragon.

The little dragon wiggles on my fingers.
It started wriggling up my arm, but stopped at my shoulder.

The little dragon smiled.
I smiled back.

It ate an apple, which tingled its throat.
Its wings were a nice shade of black

Drew (Thats what I named it) Got on one of my toy skateboards and rode around the room
I called the skateboard “The Dragon Dragster”

Then drew bounced on my ball.
I thought to myself “Dragon Ball Z”
He climbed up onto my wardrobe and opened it up.
He saw my secret stash of candy and tried to scurry up to it, but he fell down
“You Like candy?” I said
Drew nodded.

I opened the jar and threw a piece of candy to him
He Chomped on it and licked it until it was nothing but crumbs.

His particular favourite was a lollipop with a dragon on it
“Dragonception” I chuckled to myself

He curled up in some rags and went to sleep
I Walked out of the room and turned the light off.

What drew looks like:


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