Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Rock 'N' roll reflection

ROCK 'N' ROLL WITH TEVA! by Simpleusername on GoAnimate

Video Maker - Powered by GoAnimate.

Reflection for Rock ‘n’ roll
·Something I was pleased with was doing great in the songs                            
because I might grow up and be a dancer!

· I really enjoyed learning how to do the songs, and how to complete them

because its really fun.

· Something I found hard was trying to get it exactly like I was told

· Something that made me think was if I should go left or right
because sometimes, its hard!

· Something I want to get better at is choosing if I should do this, or that
(What can I do about it?)

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Reflection for Goanimate

Safe cycling with Teva and josh! by Simpleusername on GoAnimate

Animation Software - Powered by GoAnimate.

Reflection for Goanimate
· Something I was pleased with was how a success the video maker is.
because I like making videos on it.

· I really enjoyed learning how to make videos
because they will help me in writing and reading!

· Something I found hard was trying not to go on them when I wasn't allowed.

· Something that made me think was how to use the animator

because some things can be confusing

· Something I want to get better at is making better vids
         (What can I do about it?)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Quick time 2

“Hey police!” Zach said
“What, also please put your hands up.” a policeman said
“OP GUNMANSTYLE!” Zach says pulling out a pistol while doing the gangmanstyle dance.
“Hes got a gun! Shoot him!” the police say
“oooooooh bam bam bam bam!” Zach says shooting the pistol.
“Ruuuun!” The chief says.
“Hah hah hahhhh!” Zach laughed out loud.
“man, do I know how to DANCE!” Zach said shooting the gun while he said dance.
“I need the choppa, I’m going home, failed to get the money though, Roca was lost,and also I’ve scared off the policemen” Zach says into his radio.
(Scene: Zach’s choppa, moving to hawkes bay)
“SHHH” goes Zach’s lemonade can.
“Cheers guys!” Zach says.
“Cheers!” his fellow robbers say.
“tink!” go the cans.
“so...” Zach says
“Yeah?” Zach’s brother called rick, the former blob hunter says.
“Wanna play a minecraft server, the hunger games?” Zach says.
“Yeah, I guess so” Rick says.(Scene: Police station, auckland)
“BAM” go the chief's hands on the table.
“This is UNEXCEPTABLE!” The chief said.
“Bu but sir!” one of the officers said.
“WHAT?!” The cheif said.
“He had a gun!” The officer said.
“Oh I understand...” The chief said said.
“You you, you do?” The officer said.
“Yeah, its that your all a sack of yellow BUTS!” The chief yelled.
“WAIT!” A security gaurd said.
“what?” The chief said
“I found the robbers on Minecraft!” He said.
“Good, where do we find the-” The chief started saying.
“They logged off, because everyone has a username called POLICE UNIT.” He said.
“Oh, sorry about that.” The chief said
“But, They said something about Hawkes Bay...” The guard said.

(Once again)
(I give credit to Minecraft!)

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Quick Time

Quick time.
(Scene: burning Bank, Auckland)
“Theres no time!” the man named Zach screamed.
“But we got to get the money, it must be half burnt by now!” the man named Roca said.
“Ugh!” Zach says jumping to the building next to the bank, just missing the blaze.
“Woah Zach your shoe’s melting!” Roca said.
“Who cares, Roca! all I care about is my LIFE” Zach yells again, doing a flip onto a cleaners platform, then down to the ground.
“Oh yeah?” Roca said, not concentrating “well I’ll get the Money!” Roca says falling into the burning bank.
“BOOOM” the bank goes cause the fire ignited the energy cables.
“Well, there goes Roca,” says Zach
“Stop right there!” A man in a helicopter said.
“Police, now stop or we will make you!” the man said.
“Alright, alright” Zach says putting his hands up
“Yah!” Zach grunts, knocking the pistol out of the man's hands then smashing through the window into the building next door.
(Scene: Uncle Bob's mayonnaise store, Auckland)
“BAM, BAM BAM” goes the police’s pistols
“Ugh, man I never knew these guys never give up,” Zach says.
“COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!” the man says.
“Yeah right, if I’d fall for that one,” Zach says, going through a ventilation shaft.

(Scene: ventilation shaft heading to Nephew Sams pet shop, Auckland)
“PING” goes a bullet because the policemen are too “Big” to fit in.
“Well, taste my dynamite!” Zach says, throwing a stick of dynamite.
“BOOM” goes the dynamite.
“Darn, missed” Zach says.
“Bark! Bark!” go the police dogs, coming up the shaft.
“Nooo not the- ACHOO” says Zach. “Do you like sleepy steak?”He throws steak with sleep powder in them.
“RIp SHIIP” goes the steak.
“Roo-*snore*” go the dogs.
“Good dogs,” Zach whispers.
(Scene: Nephew Sams pet shop, Auckland)
“OH SNAP!” Zach says.
“Chocolate bickies!” says a big police man.
“No, we have not found him yet.”
“ACHOO” Zach sneezes
“Ohhh snap,” Zach whispers.



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