Monday, 24 June 2013

Camp Day 3

Camp Day 3: Waterfall

We’re going to some waterfalls, They sound pretty huge!

WOAH! That waterfall is Huge MASSIVE!
Me and my dad stood together with the waterfall behind us. “Cheese!”

All of the water looks like hundreds of wrestlers wrestling under water.
The water tossed and turned like my dad when he hasn’t had enough sleep.

My friends and I stared into the rushing water, seeing where it leads.
I even wondered if there was a cave behind that waterfall, and I felt like it was a portal to another world.

The waterfall looked like Mr T firing his little friend.

Several people gasped when they got to the stone platform, I did too.
some people tried to look cool when getting there photo.

I felt like It was a huge jungle with extinct wild life in it.

We walked to the Cars and went back and had some tasty lunch.
Spaghetti and cheese toasties on the floor with paper instead of plates, Yum

Friday, 14 June 2013

Camp Day 1: Kiwi encounter

 I brush the gentle but tough kiwi’s feathers. I thought it would be softer, Though. 
By listening to the kiwi creche staff, I learnt some cool things!
Did you know that kiwis lay eggs the 3rd of the size of its body?

I really like all the facts I just learned.

We jump into our vehicle, now we are going  to camp!
The Truck rattled and tattled as we drove away.

The kiwi was quite cute, but it was a little angry, it was like waking him up in the middle of the night (for him)

WALT choose words that describe a moment (in an exciting way) for the reader
  • begins in the action
  • present tense (I am, not I was)
  • short, sharp sentences
  • strong verbs
  • uses the senses (look, feel, hear, taste, smell)
  • language features (simile, alliteration, onomatopoeia, metaphor)
  • show personality (sounds like you, humour, feelings, exaggeration)


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