Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Quick time 2

“Hey police!” Zach said
“What, also please put your hands up.” a policeman said
“OP GUNMANSTYLE!” Zach says pulling out a pistol while doing the gangmanstyle dance.
“Hes got a gun! Shoot him!” the police say
“oooooooh bam bam bam bam!” Zach says shooting the pistol.
“Ruuuun!” The chief says.
“Hah hah hahhhh!” Zach laughed out loud.
“man, do I know how to DANCE!” Zach said shooting the gun while he said dance.
“I need the choppa, I’m going home, failed to get the money though, Roca was lost,and also I’ve scared off the policemen” Zach says into his radio.
(Scene: Zach’s choppa, moving to hawkes bay)
“SHHH” goes Zach’s lemonade can.
“Cheers guys!” Zach says.
“Cheers!” his fellow robbers say.
“tink!” go the cans.
“so...” Zach says
“Yeah?” Zach’s brother called rick, the former blob hunter says.
“Wanna play a minecraft server, the hunger games?” Zach says.
“Yeah, I guess so” Rick says.(Scene: Police station, auckland)
“BAM” go the chief's hands on the table.
“This is UNEXCEPTABLE!” The chief said.
“Bu but sir!” one of the officers said.
“WHAT?!” The cheif said.
“He had a gun!” The officer said.
“Oh I understand...” The chief said said.
“You you, you do?” The officer said.
“Yeah, its that your all a sack of yellow BUTS!” The chief yelled.
“WAIT!” A security gaurd said.
“what?” The chief said
“I found the robbers on Minecraft!” He said.
“Good, where do we find the-” The chief started saying.
“They logged off, because everyone has a username called POLICE UNIT.” He said.
“Oh, sorry about that.” The chief said
“But, They said something about Hawkes Bay...” The guard said.

(Once again)
(I give credit to Minecraft!)


  1. Amazing Teva!
    I really like your second version!
    I can't wait for the next to be continued!

  2. Awesome Teva!
    I like how you put in your favourite things like mine craft. I like the end where he finds him on mice craft. Well done!



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