Monday, 15 April 2013

Reflection For Walkathon

Reflection for walkathon
· Something I was pleased with was That I made it to the end, because it makes me feel proud, and also using teamwork, my team didn’t leave me behind, it felt good.
· I really enjoyed learning how long it would be to walk to camp, because it is a very long Distance!
· Something I found hard was Walking the whole way.
· Something that made me think was How long the way was, Because it seemed a very long way at the start!
· Something I want to get better at is walking long distances without getting exhausted like my dad.


  1. Well done Teva for walking 6 kilometers yesterday! Especially as you walked 6 kms up hill on Saturday to Sunrise Hut then back down on Sunday with your dad. Ps you may need a comma in your last sentence as it sounds like Dad gets exhausted.

  2. Well done Teva. I do think it may need a coma as it resds that your dad gets tired on long walks. LOL.

  3. Well done Teva.
    Your teammates
    must be really proud
    of you.
    well done.

  4. Cool reflection Teva.
    I like the tagxedo you made.
    I like the funny bit you put in that you gets tired if he walks a long way.
    Keep it up Teva.

  5. cool job teva your groups are good.

  6. Cool reflection Teva, Good job

  7. "Awesome Teva that is your awesome tree great work good job".

  8. Great work Teva and walking the whole was probably hard for you and your legs would have been tired from all that walking, Keep up the good work!!



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