Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Room 1 Buddy avatar

Here is my buddy's avatar  from room 1 on Friday if you see him say hello.

He got it from here as well SP Studio its a good avatar maker.
P.S his name is zane


  1. Great job Teva! I like how you posted about your buddy and made an avatar with him. Remember to check with me before posting. You don't have a blogging licence yet. Save the post as a draft and then email me to say you want it checked first.

    1. OK but I wish I had B.L<(blog licence)I'm used to doing some stuff when ever I want to I'm sorry about that Mr M do you forgive me?

  2. Yes Teva! Although there's nothing to forgive. It won't take you too long to get a blogging licence if you work at the criteria (you already know how to blog).

  3. yes I know how to type really fast cause I play a few games that envolves chatting unfortunately I use gamer talk so that's why I don't use capitals so much and cause I type REALLY fast. :) (P.S I am typeingthen going back and fix up caps and wrong spelling :)

  4. Cool Teva now you and your room 1 buddy have an avatar.



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