Thursday, 16 August 2012

My Sydney Diary.

Day 1: My family and I have arrived at sydney, nice place I have to admit.
We've taken our luggage and we're on our way to travel lodge (Hotel).
We got our room and went to bed.
Day 2:because sydney's time is two hours less than new zealand's, so I woke up at 5 AM.
we were exited to see some of the things ing sydney.
Mum, dad, and I went to a sydney park with a water park, then we went to the PHM (Power house museum)
The PHM is a gigantuan museum, It is deticated to sience and technolgy, But also at the moment It has a narnia exbhidition.
I loved the narnia exbhidition, and I got to launch foam rocks with a catapult, and marveled at the frozen water fall.
one of the really cool things about this museum is that it has so much stuff that I like.
But what's even cooler... IS THAT YOU CAN INTERACT WITH LOTS OF STUFF! My favourite exhibit in the main museum was the robot that would actualy chat to you.
I asked him when would he get a body, then he said "Soon, watch out"!
Then we went to bondi beach, we went with mum and dads freinds.
After boni beach we walked to a food court and I had bondi bites (Chicken nuggets.) By this time my legs were wobbly like spahgetti.
So I was pleased that we were going back home even though I had a good day.
Then we went back home.
Day 3: After the museum we traveled by train to one of my mums freind's place.
She lives in one of the suburbs of sydney and it to about half an hour to do it.
Mum's freind aroha is very nice, and she had a cuwte wittle kitten, who wants to play ALL the time
Day 4: because of the time difference of Australia and new Zealand I was waking up at 5 AM, So again we got straight into seeing some more stuff, Today was all about Maritime stuff, so we headed to the maritime museum, And got a big ticket wich meant we could visit the shi- sub and ships. I enjoyed the submarine the most, But I would not want to live on one, because it's very tight, But at least you could stand up in the submarine.
when we got to the endeavour i could just inmagine how dirty it would get, but at this time i was really starving, so we left early to get something to eat.
then we got to my freind mums and slept.
Day 5: We stayed at aroha's house
Day 6:we went into town, and then went on the monorail, And there was my nana and grandpa!
Out of THOUSANDS of people in sydney, we found them!
then we did some "Stuff"
day 7:We're getting on the ship! SO EXITING! From there its down hill, Checking in, And... Stuff.
Now we're finnallllyyyyyyyyyyy In our cabin!!! I see free chocolates!



  1. Well done Teva!

    It is great to hear about what you did in Australia!

  2. Cool teva I can not wait till number two!

  3. Hey teva!
    I sounds like you had a heap of fun!
    I wonder If i can come next time?

  4. Hey teva!
    It sounds like you had a heap of fun there!
    maybe next time I can come with you?



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