Thursday, 13 December 2012

The heart warming story of a small town boy, to a fearless daredevil.

“PHOMP, PHOMP” goes my heart beating fast.
“Earth to jack, Earth to jack?” A voice says.
“Huh, awww I was just imaginin-” I start saying
“That you were in pixie and rainbows, fighting with your glitter!” my teacher said, cutting me off.
“Meanie” I mutter to myself.
"Now blah, blah, blah” she starts sayingalso How could I forget miss’ banurs nickname? miss borurs.
“Hey, jack!” the girl, who had a crush on me, hannah whispered to me
“Whaaatt?” I whisper back, dully
“I wanna know what you were-” she says
“ERR” goes my seat moving away from her, also cutting her off.
“Okay, you're just A bit tired today, I know, sorry” she says, sounding a bit sad.
then suddenly the word “daredevil” busted through the blah blah blah of bore speech, which made me come to my senses.
“The annual daredevil contest will be held in the park of north east, and in the contest, the best stunt will win, the judges will judge for the best flips, turns, and less injuries for the winner, and the prize for winning is the slimmest motorbike in Taradale!” she says like a news announcer.
“Wow, I can't believe I understood that!” I chuckled to myself.
“Now put your hand up if you want to enter, then jack will give you a notice.” she says again.
I take one for my self when she gives them to me, then I pass them out, making sure Hannah didn’t touch me.


“I can't do it, I just can’t, dad!” I say, staring at the pool with blow up sharks in there, with a ramp beside it.
“Why did you sign up son, I’m ashamed.” my dad says
“I thought it might be fun, but its scary.”
“well, then try it, son!” he encourages me.
“Okay.” I say
50 degrees 300 degrees 301, and Lift off, FOMP FOMP, BAM goes my bike
“Whaaaaaaaat” my dad says.
“What, dad?” I say
“That was 2 flips then a perfect landing!” he yells picking me up and hugging me. “You can win for sure!”
“Awww, thanks dad” I say.
“And the competitions in 1 week! We got tonnes of time to practice!”
“Wahooo!” I yell.

I think I can beat the others with my loop the loop, then flip, but it’ll have to be perfect.
“Hey, if it isn’t Jack, the old rack of BOOORRRIIIING” my arch rival, Shaun says.
“hrmmmmm” I mumble to me self.
“You’ll see.”
"And now jack, the golden devil!” the announcer says.
“Dumb name, Lozer!” Shaun says
Here I am, my heart beating, sacared to the bedrock on minecraft.
Then I realize, I’m not here for the prize, I’m here for the fun!

then I realize I’m speeding down the track, twirling and twisting, then finally, landing on the spot, screaming “WAHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”
“YOU DID IT, JACK!” my dad says.
“The judges have just decided that Jack wins! the performance was amazing!” The announcer says

The present.

Its been a pretty good life now, writing stories, doin’ stunts, you know, that kinda stuff.
And now I understand Miss Borur’s language.

Also, here's the link to the animation I made!


  1. Awesome story writing, Teva!

    You write interesting dialogue between your characters.

    I like the animation you created for the story too. Chicken wings for dinner!

  2. Wow Teva. This is an amazing story. Well done.

  3. Wow Teva this is a great story. I like your animation. Is there a part 2?



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