Friday, 12 April 2013

My Computer Poem

My Computer
I was always lucky, to have a new lap-top.
Not much on it, but inside it’s like a big beauty.
I may of been Nine, But it was a cracker inside.
I loved it for years, until it was like a part of me.

Every Saturday Morning, I’d run and press a button, flashing lights would be working then, I really loved it, never let me down, Until it started getting older.

Maybe I was dreaming, No i wasn’t, it was as real as a wooden door.

It started shutting down on me, I really loved it, it felt like it was getting sick... I really wanted to cure it... So I tried and I felt some tears of joy, If you just want to play all day... don't use it to much, just download little, don’t put so many random stuff... Just use some stuff, while it lasts...

Song Pattern: Dun Dun Da Da Dun Dun Da Da Dun Dun Da Da, Bun Bun Bun (Repeat x1)
Dun Daa Daa Dun Daa Daa Dun Dar Dar Dar!


  1. This poem sounds like it could be good, Teva. It just needs an audio/video player so we can hear what it sounds like. Can you update it?

  2. How do you do it Teva your poems are so realistic :)

  3. Cool Teva awesome poem.

    I like it.

    From Olivia

  4. That's cool Teva, you are really good at writing poems.

  5. I think you may have s talent as a song writer.

  6. You may have a talent as a song writer .



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