Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Earth Quake

WOAH! the classroom jolted straightforward.
I got scared.
We then rushed outside on to the courts because the bell was on fire alarm.

We all sat down,then I started to worry about my mum, is she okay?
Some teachers announced they did a mistake, instead of coming outside, we just have to duck, roll and cover.

We slowly walked back inside and went on to an earthquake website.
A lot of people in Hawkes Bay felt that earthquake!

That was exciting.


  1. Nice piece of writing Teva. I live in Christchurch and still think the quakes are scary. We sometimes still make the mistake of running outside and we call duck and cover "doing the turtle"
    Sometimes our classroom feels like it has been jolted, lifted up, other times turned around from the quakes.
    Fingers crossed for no more quakes!
    Ms Tempero

  2. Awesome Teva,
    It was a shock it happened so fast.
    I have never felt a earth quake that big.
    Great writing, I like how you added a photo it make it more interesting.
    I like in your writing when you said, WOAH! the classroom jolted straightforward.
    Well done.
    keep up the great work Teva.

  3. Great writing Teva, some great words, like jolted.

  4. Awesome work Teva that is amazing work you did and great photo of the earthquake.

  5. Nice work teva you did a great job of a photo

  6. Wow Teva,
    That was such a great blog post!
    I like the way you have put the story suddenly and started it in action.
    I also like the photos that you took:)
    Well done!!!

  7. Wow Teva you have done a great blog post. I like the hard work you have put into it!
    Keep it up.



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