Friday, 15 March 2013

Star Wars State Tuned Poem

Audio recording and upload >>

Last night I crunched Darth Vader’s ship in half
C3PO malfunctioned,
We ran to the 7th junction.
My lightsaber cut the door in half.
And Darth Vader entered with an evil laugh.

The droids ran in with laser guns.
And then I thought this is not fun, Oh no!

This Recording/Poem Was Made by Zeb, and Teva


  1. Wow nice work Teva, it is cool that you have put this on your blog.
    You and Zeb thought well, you guys are creative.

  2. Well done Teva very creative and really cool.

  3. Great working Teva, it's a very catchy poem and I knew you and Zeb would do one about Futurerama or Star Wars.

  4. Very cool I Like how you used the tune of state:)



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