Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Going to the Mahia

“Come on Teva we’re going!”
It's Friday and I’m going on my dad’s holiday with him.
We’re going to Mahia on the edge of Hawkes Bay
I feel nervous about the trip.
My mum starts the car and as we pass the school I wave goodbye.

After about... 25 Minutes we stop at a gas station.
There’s my cousin! I wave to him and he waves back.
We follow our cousin’s car and then I hop in my cousin’s car
We chat and chat until we got bored.
My cousin started to feel sick a little.

We stopped at a restaurant and had some hot chips and mini-pies.
After that we kept going on our trip to Mahia, but on the way we got a text from my dad saying he’ll be late to Mahia.

Later we got to Mahia, and the house was AMAZING!
Bunk Beds, 2 Couches, 2 Stories, 2 Coffee Tables, 2 Showers, 2 bathrooms, 2 Every Thing!

Stay Tuned For Part Two!


  1. That must have been heaps of fun.
    Wish I could come with you.

  2. Awesome Teva
    Great story
    I like how you got it in present tense.
    Keep up the good work
    Well done :)



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