Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Letter to V.M. Jones

Dear V.M Jones

Hello, I’m Teva Tait, My school is Parkvale School, and I’m writing a letter to you about Buddy.

I liked your book, Buddy. Very interesting and very emotional too.

Suzanne, she’s a bit weird.

I loved the chapter “The end of the race” When Josh wheels Jakey (Cute name!) in his wheelchair through the finish line.

You described and surprised, and even astonished my class.

Sincerely, Teva Tait.


  1. Cool Teva!
    I like how you described Suzzane that was pretty funny!
    When you read it to the class you put a lot of expression into it!
    You are very good at writing a letter short and sharp, it is really effective!

  2. Well done Teva!

    I agree with Stefan. Your letter is really effective and the way you described Suzanne is funny (I love Suzanne!).

    Your picture of Josh and Buddy is absolutely wonderful!



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