Thursday, 28 February 2013

Summer Moment

I was striding down the dusty crowded roads, of parachute, 2013.

This, Is parachute.

I Walked back to our tent, anglicans@parachute, I smelt the gentle tasteful smell of fish patties.
My nose was full of dust, so I couldn’t make out the fish.
“What Are you cooking?” I asked.
“Fish burgers.” My dad told me.
“Okay” I said.
I saw some kids with there mum wheeling them round in a trolley
“Wheee, fast faster!” one of them yelled
I could imagine them on a sand buggy zooming around in the desert.
I hear some music coming from the other side of the road, some people playing on rubbish bins with bottles were making music. I could imagine them on the big mainstage, playing a song.
I see some people playing cards. I could imagine them as the professional card players.
I sit down, put my sunglasses on and look into the sunset.

Become famous with friends, Or not at all.


  1. Thats an amsome summer moment Teva

  2. You have really captured the moment perfectly for the reader, Teva!

  3. Your writing took me right back there Teva, especially the dust in your nose which was good as I don't like the smell of fish burgers!



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